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Fellowship Intellectual Property

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120-day Notice for NA Survival Kit: EnglishFrenchGermanPortugueseSpanish

Lawsuit Reporting

Ruling on Appeal

Fellowship Intellectual Property
Trust and Related Documents

FIPT Inspection for 2020 Conference Report

May 2018 Inspection Report

NA Logos Style Guidelines 2023

Bulletin 35: Narcotics Anonymous Copyrights and Literature


Bulletin 34: Group Conscience and NA Literature

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Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust (Revised)

Revised May 2023

FIPT Bulletin No. 1 (Revised)

Internal Use of NA Intellectual Property

FIPT Bulletin No. 2 (Revised)

Individual NA Member Use of Narcotics Anonymous

FIPT Bulletin No. 3 (Revised)
Use of Narcotics Anonymous Trademarks by Commercial Vendors

FIPT Bulletin No. 3a
Online Vendor Application Form

FIPT Bulletin No. 5 (Revised)
Internal Conflict Resolution Policy
Reader's Notes for FIPT
Revised May 2023
Frequently Asked Questions
about the FIPT

NAWS Licensed Vendors

Translated material


Updated translated version coming soon.


Updated translated version coming soon.


 FIPT Bulletin #2FIPT Bulletin #3


Updated translated version coming soon.

 Бюллетень №2  |  Бюллетень №3  |  Бюллетень №3(а)
 Бюллетень №5  |  ЧЗВ о ПИСС


Updated translated version coming soon.

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