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Discussion Boards Home Page

Welcome to our Discussion Area.  Each of the discussion areas listed below have slightly different posting and participation requirements. 

  • NAWS IT Blog - This is the blog where the IT department at NAWS posts information about projects they are working and is a way to communicate with other NA Website and IT trusted servants. While it is not a traditional discussion board as the one mentioned on this page, we list it here because its a way that we are able to communicate with the fellowship.
  • WSC Participants' Discussion Area - The WSC discussion board is meant to provide conference participants with an opportunity to share ideas and experience with one another. Our hope is to allow participants the opportunity to discuss matters freely, with confidence that their comments will not be reposted elsewhere without proper context and that unrefined ideas will not be misconstrued as concrete decisions and reported to the fellowship as such. Viewing the boards as well as posting to them is limited to those conference participants who either attended WSC 2014, or were eligible to do so, as well as any other conference participants who were elected afterwards. As a reminder, the 2014 WSC voted to limit access to this discussion board to conference participants only.

We hope you enjoy your visit to these areas.  If you encounter any difficulties accessing the various sites, please email

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