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General questions and information Fellowship Services Team or 818.773.9999 x771
General employment inquiries HR department
Literature sales and product inquiries Customer Service Department or 818.773.9999 x135
Event inquiries or  818.773.9999 x116
Public relations issues Public Relations Team or 818.773.9999 x153
Hospitals and Institutions (H&I)
or drug courts or 818.773.9999 x125
Human Resource Panel or World Pool or 818.773.9999 x156
The NA Way Magazine or 818.773.9999 x179
World Board or 818.773.9999 x116
Problems regarding this website or
Local NA telephone/information
or local NA service committees
Phonelines and Websites
NA World Services
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California USA 91409
Telephone +1.818.773.9999
Fax +1.818.700.0700

Service Offices and Distribution Centers
19737 Nordhoff Place
Chatsworth, California
91311 USA
Fax: +1.818.700.0700

48 Rue de L’été
B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Fax: +32.2.649.9239
PO Box 14665-3115
Tehran, Iran
+ 0098.21886.81652
Fax: +0098.21886.7209
Distribution Center—Mississauga
Ontario Canada

+1.905.507.0100 Fax: +1.905.507.0101
  Distribution Center—
Bangalore, India

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