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Local Service Toolbox Project

We are excited to begin working on a local service toolbox—a collection of tools that reflect our Fellowship’s best practices and experiences delivering services locally. The 2016 Conference Agenda Report asked members to identify priorities for new or revised service materials, and local/area tools/toolbox was the first priority identified. Note: one of the other items prioritized on the CAR survey was a convention and events handbook. You can find information on that project here:

We already have some materials, such as PR, Planning, and H&I Basics, but there are so many more we lack or that we have not revised or adapted in years. The “Basics” seem to be a good approach for us because they are perhaps less overwhelming than a large handbook, and they are easier to translate and revise. We believe a “toolbox” with small-scale pieces will have the same advantages. 

Whether you are a service veteran or an area service newcomer, we could use your help. Our intention is to collect local experience and drafts as a foundation to develop tools for use by local service bodies. 

What can you do? 

  • Sign up for project updates by emailing
  • Help us determine what to tools to draft first by filling out the survey at the link below. 
  • Send us any tools that have been helpful locally—sample agendas, workshops, guidelines, policies, budgeting tools, project outlines, you name it. If it’s helped your local service delivery, it will probably help others. 
  • Share your ideas and experience in our local service toolbox web meetings. These will be announced to any and all who sign up at 
  • Help spread the word and raise awareness locally 

What’s next? 

Our first web meeting is scheduled for 17 January 2016. We will send a link to all who are on the project mailing list. If you want to be on the list, just email us at, and we will add you The tentative focus of our first tool is Consensus-Based Decision Making Basics. If the survey results point us in a different direction, we may shift focus at some point after our first meeting. 

This page will be updated as we have more to report.

Please fill out the survey.

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